The Best Plants for Every Season

Certain plants only add beauty to your garden on a particular season. After that season is over they begin to lose their flourish. Dogwood is one example that readily comes to mind of a plant that enhances your garden during the winter season. They are referred to as one season wonder. Finding a plant that stays all year long in your garden might not be a problem, but a plant that won’t struggle for survival and will maintain its enchanting colour is. We’ve outlined a wide array of best plants that can preserve its beauty all year round.

Golden Sword

Plants that thrive in any season either; fall, winter, summer, and spring, the Golden Sword will stay colourful and endearing. One of its outstanding quality is how it effortlessly combines with other plants. The important plants in the golden sword are the Yucca and Bergenia. During the winter period, when the Bergenia has receded the Redtwig, Dogwood takes over, bringing out the natural glow in the Yucca.

Green Mountain

This shrub maintains it colour throughout winter. You have to ensure the plant is protected from the wind by finding a protected spot to place it. Rationing its exposure to the rays of the sun will help the plant maintain its green colour all year round. Compared to other shrubs, the Green Mountain naturally forms a pyramid instead of morphing into a circular shape.

Trachelospermum Jasminoides

Trachelospermum Jasminoides, or otherwise known as ‘Star Jasmine’, will maintain it evergreen color all through the summer, even under intense sunlight. It can be easily trained to cover a fence serving as beautiful foliage.

Amelanchier Lamarckii

This plant is a visionary throughout the year, with its autumnal leaves, dainty petals of spring and a dusting of snow during the winter, adding to its magnificent image. The ‘Juneberry’ is visited by birds and other wildlife. It has an intertwined structure of individual branches shooting up from the ground. The sunset ignites the plant from above giving it a glowing canopy look.

Plants add to the beauty of our homes and gardens, but why wait for spring and summer to enjoy their benefits. Consider any of our top picks to choose a plant that brings lustre beauty to your garden in every season.


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